It was a surprise walking into the bride's hotel room the morning of the wedding and finding her in a pair of running shorts, sneakers, and her dad's over-sized dress shirt--with the biggest smile on her face. I could tell Joanne was excited about her wedding day, even though she started out the day in such a peculiar outfit (smile). The men showed up soon after the bride put on her intricate Chinese bridal outfit (made authentically in Hong Kong!), and were greeted at the door with chocolate-covered brussel sprouts, a lady's sundress, and a love song that Kevin had to serenade to a member of his entourage--all the while being rated by a tough crowd of bridesmaids. As the day began with some twisted faces and good laughs, we knew that even with the gloomy weather, we were going to have a great day. Sure enough, the rain even cleared up just long enough for Joanne and Kevin to have the outdoor ceremony they had always dreamed of. And they couldn't have looked happier.

Make sure to check out Joanne + Kevin's engagement photos.

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