Annie and Mike's big day was all about making the best in every situation. Sometimes, that meant making magic happen in the most unexpected of places, but most of the time, we were just there to capture the magic between two blissfully happy people ready to make a life-long commitment to one another. Of course, and their 5-hour party to party to follow.

We are always thankful for whatever circumstances the location or weather throws at us, because it pushes us to be the best photographers we can be. We have to think fast, pull together all our resources, and somehow still manage to make the experience fun and memorable for our bride and groom. So even though it poured for most of Annie and Mike's wedding day, it helped us create images that sang (in the rain). When it comes down to it, we realize it's not only our efforts that matter, but it also takes one fun, adventurous, and fearless couple to make it work. You guys rock!

You've already seen how fabulous Rachel's dress was. Now let's show you how magical the rest of her details were!

You might think it takes a whole lot to make your wedding beautiful, and while some weddings will go all out for the win, Rachel and Pat took a much more personal approach, and it was all that more meaningful. The secret to a memorable wedding is not just about choosing the perfect palette or the most spectacular blossoms (although, Rachel did that, too!), but it's about making the wedding a celebration of you as a couple. So all it takes is a little bit of soul-searching and identifying something special about yourselves, and all the little things start to matter. Like wrapping a piece of your mother's wedding dress around your bouquet, and wearing cuff links with photos of somebody you wish could have been at your wedding. Walking down the aisle with these precious items so close to you makes it all the more endearing. This hockey-lover and shopaholic also brought together their favorite things and made it part of their wedding day as an ice sculpture and their custom cake topper! The rest is all about setting the mood, and you've got a party that's fun, memorable, and uniquely yours. Of course, a fancy dessert buffet never hurt anybody either (smile).
After Erin and Andrew's epic engagement session in Albany, New York, we were super excited to see them again at their wedding at Douglaston Manor in Douglaston, NY. Especially after finding out that Erin was going to serenade her groom during the ceremony (that she wrote herself)! Unfortunately, our photographs weren't able to capture the audio, but it was so touching and very memorable. However, I think we can all agree that what stole the show was Andrew's mother. She is the coolest Asian mom (with hip, red Ray Bans) we've ever seen stir up the crowd at a wedding--everybody loved her to death. It's no wonder Andrew is as cool as he is, and he found himself a drop-dead-gorgeous bride, wearing, of course, the most stunning dress from Melissa Sweet (love!). It was a celebration they had been waiting a lifetime for. And it was definitely worth the wait.

Side story: Sometimes when you rent tuxes from a menswear company, they can get the order a little wrong. Or in this case, two sizes too small. And so Andrew's morning with the guys involved a swiss army knife, a huge slit down the back of his groomsman's vest, and a couple of good laughs to last a lifetime. Too bad they had to return the vest after the would have been the greatest wedding keepsake ever (smile).

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