Vera Wang. Blue Smoke. Christian Louboutin. The Foundry. These were just some of the few fabulous names from Linda and Winston's beautiful Long Island City, New York wedding. My favorite part? Bridesmaids wearing different colored dresses! Their intimate ceremony at this unique ex-factory was chic, casual and elegant, and topped off with some of the best barbecue in the city. Sauce included. Their wedding cake was also quite exquisitely delicious--red velvet cake with nutella (love!) from Alice's Tea Cup. Some bubble-blowing flower-girl-cuties and their precious pup, Tiny, even joined us for the festivities. It was a memorable day for more than just the bride and groom--and everything (especially Linda) was gorgeous!

For a story that began with a Twix bar, I'd say this was a pretty sweet way to tie the knot.

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