1 May 2012
Wayne Yuan Photography is now Wayne and Angela.

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There's something about couples smiling at each other that makes my heart melt. Especially the kind of smile where your face scrunches up and both eyes disappear in that moment of pure glee. When you meet a couple like that, you just can't help but fall in love with them! After Yanny and Jesse's engagement session in West Village New York, we knew their wedding day was going to be so fun that our cheeks would hurt by the end of the day. Sure enough, they didn't disappoint!

With the help of wedding planner Lisa Chun, they planned a beautiful, country-inspired wedding at the Highlands Country Club in Hudson Valley, New York. From her custom-made ruffled gown and lavender bridesmaids dresses to the gorgeous outdoor ceremony and immaculate backdrop, everything was picture-perfect from the start. Even the little details were lovely and inspiring (we will blog about that later!). Of course, being the fun and charming couple that they are, it made their wedding day all the more splendid. Especially since they hired our FAVORITE band in New York, the Pete Saunders Band, their party was an absolute blast! They tore up the dance floor, then tore it up some more--Jesse was having the time of his life! After all the toasts, champagne, and the first and last dances were finished, they ended the day with sparklers on the patio amidst the glowing faces of everybody they love. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. I'm sure everybody went home with smiles and plenty of good memories to treasure for a lifetime!

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